All 4 of our bell tents are fully kitted out for hassle free camping, so you don't have to worry about all of the 'extras' that you need to take on a normal camping holiday.  


Each tent is set on its own decking.  Outside you have your own fire pit with suspended grill and hot plate, and seating area to relax in, enjoy the scenery and watch fabulous sunsets with distant countryside views.


Comfy double bed for a great nights sleep.



Cooking tripod with grill and hot plate. Yummy honeyed gammon steaks (from Ian's local family butchers) and roasted veg.


Site Facilities - each of our tents have identical toilet, washing & cooking facilities


We do not have mains electricity, gas or water.  This in itself has brought us many sleepless nights trying to work out how to keep the luxurious nature of 'glamping' whilst being as eco-friendly as possible, this is what we have come up with.


Eco friendly loos 

Each tent has its own fabulous luxury compost loo in the wood.  They really are great and we promise that they do not smell (we also provide your loo roll).
Hot gas powered showers
Each tent shares a wooden shower hut and hot gas powered shower with one other tent. 
Sheltered communal cooking/washing up area
We have a communal cooking area with gas hobs, a washing up area with hot water and some eco friendly washing up liquid.  This is all under cover for the times when the weather is not in your favour! Or you just fancy a really quick cuppa!
Each tent has its own fire pit (with cooking tripod) where you can cook or simply have a fire to help enjoy the long summer evenings.  
The Shed
We have a small shop/shed where you can exchange your warm ice blocks for frozen ones (change these at any time during your stay) and treat yourself to some local produce (ice cream & crisps especially!). 

Contact us: Watkinsons Farm Glamping, Hall Lane, Lathom, Lancashire, L40 5UG

Phone: 07769 033 284



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